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    S1200KPR (IVB Refresh)


      Server power cycle reset testing will halt with triple-beep code (Memory).


      We have 16 running systems under test with identical components.   The power cycle rest test that every 1 minute, all 16 units are subject to power cycle.  The test results are taht every 10-20 test execution times, one of the systems will halt with triple-beep code.


      S1200KPR - latest BIOS


      2x4G DIMMs (DTM64395:  4GB-2 Rank x8 PC3-12800E-11 )

      SSD: Intel 520 60G



      In addition,  we find that occasionally the WES7 system will halt without BSOD.... just halts.


      Similar experineces?  Comments or sugestions?  Is this behavior unusual?