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    Graphics Media Accelerator or Driver?


      Hi All,

           New to Intel community and have what may seem a stupid Q but - Intel offer graphics driver by 2 names - "Driver" and "Graphics Media Accelerator"

      How does Intel define difference in the 2 options as driver comes with a full control panel, are there additions or specifics in one or the other?  Thanks.....

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          We provide generic drivers that have not been developed or tested specially for your system. Each motherboard, laptop or Original Equipment Manufacturer can add, remove and change features on the video controllers they implement on their systems. Therefore they provide customized drivers to support such changes. So we always recommend using the latest drivers provided directly by your motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer.


          The description of the name of the driver does not really imply any difference. The OEM or computer manufacturer may have changed the wording on the name, however that does not imply that there is an additional feature included.

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            Thanks for reply but my reference was to descriptions on Intels site for HD3000 graphics on i7 CPU, both discriptions are offered for win7 x64? and is that I was wondering about difference.  cheers.....