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    Confused about MotherBoard for my Processor Q9650 (vPro or No vpro??)




      I want to install Windows 2008 with Hyper-V an then few test Virtual Servers on it for TEST pupose only.


      Hence, seeing the need, I decided to buy Q9650, even by paying twice than my otherwise choice (Q8200)


      Now I am confused about the MotherBoard.


      DG45ID support HDMI but DQ45CB does not. Intel says they tested DQ45CB with Q9650 and found it the best performer when comapred with inferior processors (e.q Q8200 or Q6800) but thats a mis-leading test. It is meant to be faster as it is highz FSB high freq processor.


      I cannot decide between DG45ID and DQ45CB.


      1. Does DG45ID support vPro? If yes, I am going for this right away.
      2. Who would perform better with Q9650?
      3. Is it wise to spend twice on Q9650 or shuld I buy two Q8200s?


      PLEASE HELP!!!


      Thanks for you time and effort!

      With Regards,

      Amit Saxena

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