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    Intel DG45FC - Linux Fan Control




      My problem is that I can't read values or control fanspeed with the motherboard Intel DG45FC in Linux.

      I have been searching the web for solutions for this, but have not found any. The most diskussions I have seen is quite old but still there has been no solutions posted.


      I use Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS now, but I have tried several ubuntu releases. In the forums I have read it's claimed that the motherboard BIOS does not support interactions with lm-sensors as it should. This is a major iisue that I hoped to be resolved, but can't see that it is.


      The only sensors that is supported is the core temps from the CPU, that works!


      This is very irritating when all the other values are displayed in BIOS.


      Is there anyone that knows anything about this, is there a solution to this?

      The Intel support channel for this product is closed, unfortionatly and it seems to be very difficult to get in contact with Intel Support.


      Best regards


      John Fors