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    DN2800MT master mode WiFi


      Has anyone found a PCI-E card that works in master mode with hostapd on the DN2800MT?

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          I have installed a broadcom mini-pci, found in a cisco router, and it works perfectly

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            What is the chipset and FCC ID for that board?

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              Anyone?  I'm still looking for a pci-e card that works with the DN2800MT and fully supports master mode under hostapd in Linux.  Please respond with the chipset used in the card, as well as the make and model.  If possible, the FCC ID as well.  As all of us using it know, the DN2800MT BIOS is so outrageously buggy users need to be very careful about what hardware they install.

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                Thanks!  That card looks like a good option.  Have you used it in a DN2800MT board? What adapter board did you use as an mPCI converter?


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                  I have a router-wifi, open it, and it has a mini-pci wifi card. a broadcom, and it works perfect in my DN2800MT.

                  It´s an idea for you

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                    Fargon, maybe you don't understand the issue. There are a zillion chipsets that have been used in WiFi adapters.  Only a few of those work in master mode.  Of those that work in master mode, only a few are made in mini-PCI-e or PCI-e. Of those, some are buggy.  Of the ones that work in general, some sensitize bugs in the DN2800MT BIOS. I need one that works well with the hostapd daemon and in a DN2800MT.   I need the chip set number at the very least.  Vendors change chip sets without changing model number all the time -- you really can only tell what you have by looking at the FCC ID. The reason I am asking here is to get details that might help me, not a general suggestion to buy one of everything on the shelf at the local computer shop and hope that one works.  You got lucky.  So far, with the ones I have bought, I have not.  Basically, I can summarize everything you have said with the sentence: "I got lucky, maybe you will, too."  That is.......... not helpful.


                    BTW -- are you sure it was a mini-pci card?  The DN2800MT does not have a mini-PCI slot, so you would have had to use an adapter card.  What adapter card did you use?  If you didn't use an adapter card, it is either a PCI-E card or a mini-PCI-E card.


                    What might be helpful is if you were to pop the lid off of your DN2800MT system and read the label on the card and tell me what it says.