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    intel proset, machine authentication asks windows user credentials


      Hi all,


      I want to authenticate my machine via network policy server (windows radius). When i try to connect, it always asks my windows credentials and after submit it, i can connect the ssid perfectly! But i want my machine to sent only o hostname (not a username/password) and so that (via radius) the active directory can check whether my pc is registered in AD domain computers.


      I ve already followed these steps:


      1)Use Proset or later

      2)Create an ITAdmin package with a PLC+PST profile( i.e. check persistent and prelogon check box) while creating profile thru ITAdmin Profile Wizard.

      3)Select Peap as Authentication Type and MSCHAP-v2 as inner tunnel protocol. Use 'Use Secure password' as User Credentials. Uncheck 'For pre-logon connections,....' check-box.

      4)Save the package and apply it on the machine where Proset is installed and you want the profile.


      thanks for your time,