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    Need an opinion regarding i5 upgrade to i7 regarding compatibility / performance for price

    Sammy Palmer

      Hi. I have a custom built computer using Intel's DP55WB Motherboard which supports i5/i7. I am currently using a i5-760 processor and need to upgrade it to i7. My question is can I upgrade to any of the following newer processors?


      Intel SR02X - 3.60Ghz 5GT/s 8MB Intel Core i7-2860QM Quad Core CPU Processor

      Intel SR0PN - 3.90Ghz 5GT/s 8MB Intel Core i7-3770S Quad-Core CPU Processor

      Intel SLBJJ - 2.80Ghz 2.5GT/s 8MB Intel Core i7-860 Quad-Core CPU Processor


      Also, I spoke with that company, they have them in stock but could not answer my questions regarding the compatibility, they advised me to consult with Intel prior to purchasing. Considering the price for each, which one would be a better buy for the performance? Thank you very much for your help.