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    Since an update of Graphics3000 driver cannot see pictures any more

    Nilgün Güney

      Acer laptop Aspire 5750

      Intel Core i5-2410M 2.3Ghz

      Intel HD Graphics3000 > driver version since 12/5/2012

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits

      4 GB DDR3

      640 GB HDD


      Hi folks,


      I am using above laptop for teaching, among other things the beginnings of photography, corrections on computer and so on....

      In May I had the (misplaced) idea of looking for updates through the Acer Update link. There was an update for the Intel VGA driver which I downloaded and installed. Since then I cannot see a single photo in Windows Explorer. No matter in which view option, filmstrip, thumbnail or whatever I just get the well known Windows landscape with the titel of the photo underneath. As I use a system of numbering as titel and cannot know a few thousand digit combinations by heart, I have no way of selecting a photo unless I open it in a photo program. Rather irritating - to say the least...


      Until the update there was no such problem at all.


      Anybody out there any idea how I can get my thumbnails back? Any similar experiences?


      Thanks & grts

      n Windows

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