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    Also dropping internet connection Centrino 6205


      Like others posting on here I am also experiencing intermittent dropping of internet connection with Intel Centrino Advance N 6205 in Dell Latitude E6420 running Windows 7 Professional x64. I am running driver version but previous versions still had the same problem. The problem is not related to my router as other devices can connect to the internet by both Ethernet and WiFi. I am using Channel 1 to avoid interference from nearby networks on channels 6 and 11. For the benefit of other users I am using a BT HomeHub 2.


      When I lose internet connection:

      Checking Proset it shows "Connected to my wireless network but Internet Access is NO"

      I cannot ping the router with its IP address

      I cannot connect to the router through a browser

      If I logon to my router from another device it shows that this problem laptop is connected to the router

      If I reset either the router or reset Proset the connection is re-established

      There is nothing showing in the Wireless Event Viewer or Windows Event Viewer

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