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    DQ77MK Default BIOS and UEFI Compatibility


      This question is mostly directed at Intel, as I expect they are the only ones that can diagnose it.


      While I await the release of the UEFI reference BIOS for this board, I am doing some basic tests with a driver for a PCIe card that I am developing. The driver works on many other Intel-based UEFI platforms running UEFI 2.1 and 2.31 (MSI, Gigabyte) however it does not work on this board. The driver itself resides on the PCIe card as an Option ROM, and I have found that it is not loaded when it boots up. There is a legacy option rom I can toggle between, which is loaded.


      If I take the UEFI driver and manually load it from the UEFI shell, the driver initializes properly and functions as expected. However, to make this driver available on the card I must compress it. I do this using the EfiRom application included with UDK2010.UP4, and the resulting output programs to the card and is readily loaded by other UEFI-based motherboards. However it appears to be ignored on the DQ77MK platform (I have activated UEFI Boot in the BIOS.)


      Additionally, if I attempt to load the compressed driver from the shell (using the "loadpcirom" command) the system locks up and must be rebooted. The same file will readily be loaded on many other platforms and function as expected.


      Any insight into this would be very helpful.