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    Can't boot Win 7 if Intel RAID array in continuous update mode ...


      1. Recently updated BIOS on DZ68BC to last BIOS 0037 using mobo config mode after .exe method failed. Had to switch BIOS setting to RAID after update as it defaulted to AHCI (not RAID) after BIOS update.


      2. Ran Windows 7 repair before making switch to SATA RAID mode and this may have buggered up something


      3. Can boot Widows when RAID has been marked not to do continuous update and the Master is Active. This is two disk Recovery array.


      4. If I use Ctrl-I or Intel Rapid storage GUI and mark update mode to continuous Windows 7 will not boot. Changing it back to On request will allow Windows 7 to boot.


      5. In the Intel Rapid Storage array, I can see my other non RAID disks I user for data, paging, User accounts. One of them is shown as Ïnrtnal system disk". Is this correct? I assume that the RAID volume from which I boot shoud be the one to show as "System disk"?

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          Hello goink,

          I understand that you updated the BIOS and your array got corrupted when you tried a Windows* repair with the SATA ports set to Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI).

          Most likely the problem that you are experiencing is due to the fact that you tried the Windows* repair and this corrupted the information on the hard drives.

          Remember that in order to rebuild the array, the operating system needs to be up. The hard drive with the operating system should read system disk,