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    Intel GMA 3650 (Motherboard DN2800MT)


      I am very happy with the motherboard DN2800MT, but I have a problem when playing Blurays.
      These have 23,976 frames per second, and with the GMA3650, I can only put my tv in 24Hz (24 frames per second)
      Is there a way to force the graph to get in 23Hz mode (23.976)?
      I tested with an ATI 5770 on the same TV and the playback is smoothly. No one frame is doubled approximately every 40 seconds as with the GMA 3650.


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          It's time to trial different Blueray playback software (although I'm unsure which -if any- officially support this hardware configuration). The big names do provide time limited trial versions good enough to get a feel if it'll work ok.

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            the problem isn´t the player. the problem is the graphics driver. the player send video to the operating system renderer (normally EVR), and this one attempt to sync every frame of the video to the screen (in my case a TV). If the TV is configurated to 24Hz, every 40 seconds a frame must be repeated if the video has 23,976 fps.

            Other video cards (ATI and NVIDIA) has this option in the control panel (add the necesary custom resolution). With Intel there is nothing.

            I can play video with 24 fps and 25 fps perfectly.

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              I'm using a particular Blueray/HD-DVD Player which recently introduced a fix for refresh rate related problems where there were slight differences between what the media expected and what the hardware wanted so such packages are out there if you look (although I don't know which, if any, support Atom CPUs and GMA 3650 hardware).

              As for improved drivers that provide what you want (if this is possible with your hardware - assuming you meant to write custom REFRESH RATE, rather than resolution), your best bet is to raise an official tech support ticket with Intel over that issue. Even if such driver improvements may come along, trialling different player software may give you a more immediate solution.