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    Intel's DH67GD board and I7-2600 core keeps freezing and rebooting

    Israel Robotnick



      I recently bought and assembled a computer with Intel's DH67GD, I7 2600 core, no graphics card nor sound card (I use the motherboard ones).

      I have a good case with two big fans. The CPU has Intel's fan on it. (The original one).

      The core and board were bought from Intel EPP program as a bundle so it is an original product.

      The temperature seems fine (about 45 C).


      While I'll do simple things, the computer every once a while freezes with no obvious reason. The only thing I can do is to reset the computer

      in order to continue working. (The keyboard\mouse does not work)

      Sometimes the computer even reboots itself.


      I have the latest drivers for all of my components.


      Is there a known issue about this? Anyway to fix it?



      Robotnick Israel