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    Graphics Driver: How to mirror-invert the screen?


      Hi there,


      for a professional video chat application in a contact center we need to make sure that the customer has eye-contact experience, while the customer service representative actually looks at his computer screen... therefore, we want to chose a teleprompter-like setup with a camera behind a semi-translucent mirror, where the computer screen is placed lying in front of this mirror (mirror in 45 degrees angle tilted towards the user).


      Due to the mirror, the screen will appear mirror-inverted (horizontally inverted). I am searching for a graphics solutions (graphics driver) which lets me mirror-invert the applications on the original screen so I can look at it through the mirror... The enitre display must be mirror-inverted, not only some pictures or so.... In case we work with a multi-screen setup, the mirror-inversion must only work for one of the screens...


      Is there any graphics driver, software or hardware solution for this problem? Any specific product I need to buy? Where exaclty can I choose the settings in the software (screenshot?)?