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    Problems with Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235

    Daniel Dell-Cornejo

      For the past two days, my wireless connection on my laptop has been acting strange. It will identify and connect to wireless networks, but will then display an error with the network itself, saying it isn't connected to the Internet. However, all my other wireless devices connect to these networks just fine. The only way for me to remedy this is to perform a System Restore, but I'm not sure what sort of issue lays at the heart of the problem, as this error occurs every time I shut down my laptop and turn it back on. Windows updates are set to not install automatically and my wireless drivers are fully updated, as well.


      I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.


      Thank you very much in advance for any assistance.

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          I had the same problem last week. My laptop model is Dell Inspiron 15R(7520) with Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 2230. I have tried many ways to solve it but finally found out the System Restore is the only way. Although it works fine now but I'm just afraid the same problem will come back again.


          I think may be the network card is not compatible with Windows 7 or processor?

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            Fernando Saravia

            I have the same problem on a Samsung 7 Chronos. Ethernet conection works great but wifi connects normally to my network but no Internet nor browsing. Tried so many things.. Windows 7 64-bits. I can only connect to my router ( but nothing else. All others computers/tablets/phones work just fine. PLEASE HELP!

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              I'm having the same problem on an Asus UX31A touch screen model that came with 64bit Win8. It's only on my school wifi though. If I'm not connected to it and then connect it's sometimes fine. If I'm connected to it then either: always when I shut down then start up, fast startup enabled; most the time when it goes to sleep - it will say limited access. Restarting is the only sure fire way of fixing it. Half the time having windows troubleshoot the problem and reset the wifi adapter which it also does about half the time, will fix it. Sometimes reconnecting, only once with ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew in the command prompt. I've tried reininstalling the driver three times. I'm about to try a Win 7 64bit driver that is dated later than the current Win8 64bit driver. I've tried changing my MAC address. I'm at a complete loss. I've also seen a lot about invalid IP configuration and unable to get an IP address from the DHCP server

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                THey will never reply because they are lazy!!! Google centrino 6235 problem and u will see alot of problems that they didnot answer because they are so lazy!!

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                  yeah something needs to be done here... cmon intel.

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                    I'm also having the exact same problem on my Asus Ux31A touch screen model, and same situation with the school wifi. It's really slow, while the person next to me on his/her laptop seems to be loading powerpoints and pdf files much much faster than me. I recently tried installing the new software/driver for the centrino which was released this year since the driver installed now is from October of last year, but every time I try to download the x64 bit file from the intel site it says it has been removed or moved to another location. I really like this untrabook and would really like to keep it, and doubt taking it back and asking for a new one will solve the problem since so many people are having the same issue. So if intel can get to it and solve this issue that would be great. Worst case I'll have to just shell out the money and buy a new wifi usb adapter, which I prefer not to do, but I am really getting fed up with the slow speed.

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                      Mee too... I have recently purchased an ASUS Zenbook UX21A equipped with this Intel N 6235 half size mini-PCIe card, running on Windows 7 64bit. However I never had any disappearing HW issue -as many wrote-, sadly recognized it's limited BT functionality! Compared to other vendor's product N-6235 have limited BT profile service fuctionality, I just hope that this is only a SW problem which I DO HOPE Intel will fix soon or I have to consider to switch to another vendor like Broadcom or Atheros... however this way I will loose WiDi function which I also use but as Miracast rising I will have the similar solution!

                      Anyways, I recommend that INTEL TECH TEAM leaders should make pressure on it's team to fix their "best wireless product" ( Intel® Wireless Product Selection Guide) and read first how BT technology should works: The Official Bluetooth SIG Member Website | Bluetooth Specifications and Profiles . In case of failure they might revoke their membership there and declare the fact that they are unable to produce products by standards.

                      I have opened a support ticket by ASUS support aswell, questioning their component selection and testing method, as they have selected a useless component for their customers. On other hand the promise of Intel with N-6235 is nice, but sometimes the less is more! There is no compromise by a high-end product!

                      Hopefully our money did not went to some lazy and incapable company! INTEL need to WORK hard and FIX IT!!!!

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                        The same thing happens to me. Please give us an answer!

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                          There are many issues with the 6235. Unfortunately not a lot is being done so a few folks are adrift right now.


                          Join the club here! Sporadic but recurring connection dropouts on an Intel 6235 wireless adapter


                          Hopefully something is being done behind the scenes as it's pretty unfair to have a half working ultrabook and no support/acknowledgement.

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                            Thanks for invitation Greg,


                            Suggested topic is about a specific problem of you and many others. As you may read my comment earlier I have a "fully working" N 6235 where INTEL is now with it's drivers/SW. We all pray that it should not be some HW weakness. The functions of this card are limited as INTEL is AWARE of it, and I do hope they are working 24/7 to fix it, knowing that they have cheated their customers aswell the vendors who built these cards into their product(s).


                            I have read and faced many problems which are now working by me and I have learnt how to fix on my Asus Zenbook ux21a core I7, so If anyone having issues on Asus zenbook, I am ready to help. I have tested and using dailiy the following features:

                            - WiFi: (tested on 802.11 a/b/g by Normal office and home usage is works charm even by mass LAN traffic is fine) - 802.11n not tested by me and to be honest I do not use such connections, as well as WiFi direct. This part is work on Samsung ultrabook core I5 aswell as one of my friend says. He do not use 802.11n connections.

                            I am just running a 4 hours log on 802.11g network in office enviroment and in case any lag/dropout I will post it later.


                            - WiDi: (tested and working with Netgear PTV3000) - some flicks are happening but still fine in 1080p.


                            - Bluetooth I had many problems with it started from that the driver/sink does not offer sink profiles as written above - this is my biggest problem as I would like to use this part mostly!


                            After spending couple days with this funny little N 6235 I am now capable to watch online 720p vids through WiDi on my TV and listening it's sound beamed to my hifi via Bluetooth. So far it is not that bad, but still I need the BT profiles which are n/a for the moment.

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                              No worries Attila,


                              I re-read this thread and see what you mean. With Intel not provideing a lot in info yet on the various 6235 issues, I figured that getting as many of the similar issues on one post would help intel guage numbers of issues as well as get all the people with similar issues talking. Sorry for steping on your thread!


                              You mentioned my biggest worry too...New drivers, that's fine.. But a HW issues worries me! Fingers crossed for a fix.

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                                I have read alot of issues with BT and win8 of these devices but my BT is working just fine. However i cannot detect the wifi.

                                I am running an intel NUC computer with the latest chipset drivers as well as wifi/BT drivers from intel.

                                Intel Centrino wifi doesnt even show up in the device manager under network adapters.


                                Any idea what the issue can be?

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