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    i7 3960x won't boot? Dead cpu?




      Since the moment I put my 3960x in my Asus ROG Rampage 4 Extreme I got the debug code 00 (stands for failed cpu initialization). I'm not getting any video signal and the screen just stays black. I've run my problems through the ROG forums but they couldn't help me fix this. Is my CPU dead?


      Things I've tried:

      - Clear CMOS

      - Reseat cpu, checking for bend pins (there were none)

      - Try different PSU

      - Try with only 1 of my memory sticks.

      - Try without VGA

      - Try without drives.


      I think it's dead. Maybe you have something else I can try?



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          I would suggest making sure that your motherboard has the required proper BIOS version to support this processor.

          Also test this processor on another motherboard, if you do not have a spare motherboard to test with, perhaps you can test this processor on a friend’s motherboard or by taking it to a local computer store to be tested.

          If you have just purchases this processor, you can also contact the place of purchase for any warranty option.