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    How to configure ANS Link Aggregation for increased bandwidth to a single machine address?

    george Anison

      I would like to know how to configure Intel Advanced Network Services (ANS) to obtain increased bandwidth transfer to a single machine in a gigabit ethernet network. I've an Intel PRO/1000 PT Dual port server on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine on the server part, HP Procurve 1810 LACP switch and two Intel PRO/1000 CT on a Windows 7 Pro machine on the client side.


      Looking at the Intel Teaming on ANS page http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-009747.htm it states clearly that all the teaming modes (like Adaptive Load Balancing) are intend for multiple destination addresses.


      Technically I know it's possible to duplicate the bandwidth for a single address since the new Microsoft hardware independent NIC teaming drivers in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 can do it when configured in LACP mode for SMB multichannel. It is clearly shown in this Microsoft's article: http://server720.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/smb-30-multipath-over-nic-team-in.html


      I doubt that Intel drivers cannot do what the Microsoft ones are able to do.


      So, how can I configure ANS teaming to increase server to single machine address bandwidth?