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    Setting Turbo Ratio by 'Per Core' does Not Work on X79 Asus Rampage 4 Formula

    Mark Collins



      I have overclocked my X79 R4F with an i7-3930k to 4.6GHz using a 46 multiplier for all cores.


      All is well, but I now want to experiment with setting the multipliers on the cores independently. I've set the Turbo Ratio setting to 'By Per Core' and set the core multipliers as follows:


      Core 1: 46

      Core 2: 46

      Core 3: 47

      Core 4: 47

      Core 5: 46

      Core 6: 46



      My issue is that when stress testing using AIDA64, CPUID states that the CPU is only running at 3.6GHz, where I would expect to see at least 4.6GHz based on the above configuration. The core temps are consistent with 3.6GHz. I have tested using x264 as well to see if it's something to do with the stress tester within AIDA64, but I get the same result. Is there something else that needs to be set in order for different core multipliers to be used?


      I posted this on the Republic of Gamers forum and have checked for the latest chipset drivers, but no solutions yet.