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    DX79SR difficult to get F2 bios with usb2 card reader attached


      Have just stumbled on this issue.

      With just a usb2 keyboard attached to rear usb2 port [no/any hdd config], a single press of F2 when prompted will get bios - all good.

      But, if I also attach my usb2 card reader to a rear usb2 port, it becomes a nightmare to get bios.

      A single press of F2 when prompted does not work.

      Multiple presses of F2 during the prompt does not work.

      Single or multiple presses after the prompt does not work.

      The only method that works is to repeatedly press F2 during the prompt and for at least one further press after the prompt has disappeared.


      You can also just press and hold F2, but system beep protests because of buffer overflow, but it eventualy gets over it and all is well again and you have bios!