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    DX79SR hang at 5A - more developments


      Following on from my other hang at 5A thread regarding this issue, I have stumbled across other combinations that also hang at 5A that do not involve a usb hdd or the DiNovo k/b - mouse dongle. In fact in these combinations, a usb hdd stops the hang.


      I've been using a Digitech xc5146 hard wired usb k/b, a logitech v220 wireless mouse with matching c-uay59 dongle and usb sd/mmc card reader model ac- 6000

      All three must be plugged to particular rear i/o usb2 ports.

      Removing any one of the items = no hang

      Adding a usb hdd to another rear usb2 port = no hang


      The arrangements that cause a hang are:

      lan and 1394 are only included as reference to the port arrangement, nothing is connected to them.

      'Hub' is the card reader

      'Mouse' is the c-uay59 dongle


      lan          1394          lan

      hub          -               -

      k/b          mouse       -



      lan          1394          lan

      k/b             -               -

      hub          mouse        -



      lan          1394          lan

      k/b             -               -

      mouse     hub             -


      other arrangements that also hung were as per above but using the ports under the r/h lan port, e.g. as per below

      lan          1394          lan

      -               -               k/b

      -               hub          mouse


      or using the upper middle port e.g. as per below


      lan          1394          lan

      -               hub          k/b

      -                 -             mouse


      Whilst I have not tested all possible combinations [I'd be there forever!!] it did seem that any other combination did not hang.


      Hoping this might help Intel hunt down the culprit! 


      Intel - you should offer a bounty for information that leads to the arrest of a bug, then the whole world is your RnD lab!!    [I'm serious!!]


      edit: the dongle for the DiNovo wireless keyboard/mouse is a c-uv35