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    DH67CL issue


      Had a board go bad, it had a 3rd gen i7-3770 in it, Intel support sent me another board (crossed shipped, had to pay $25) got the board put CPU in it and RAM (all tested and working before) and I get 3 beeps and nothing else keeps beeping, Based on charts that means bad RAM, but RAM is good. WHat I think is that BIOS is not 3rd GEN ready ( I had to update BIOS on the old board to get gen 3 working) question is, how do I update BIOS now ? I dont have a 2nd gen CPU any more, what do I do ? AM I stuck ?


      the new board is rev 206 (old one was 208) based on this Desktop Boards — Updating the BIOS on Intel´┐Ż 6 Series Chipset Boards 210 or later is 3rd gen ready ! Please help