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    AMT Provisioned in SMB mode


      Hi all, once a workstation has been manually provisioned, say all with the same admin account and password, is there any easy way to change the password without visiting each workstation?


      In a related question for workstations setup using the enterprise method, can the admin console change a particular workstation's password?  (sorry, I have no experience with the enterprise method or console)



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          Joseph Oster

          Yes, the provisioned password can be changed after provisioning, using tools such as SCS.


          With SCS, it would be considered a re-configuration, which means you would need to create a new profile and include the new passwords within the profile. Then you will need to create a job that will change the requested clients.


          As for admin consoles, capabilities from each vendor varies. If you can tell me what vendor you are using or are planning on using, I can give you more information.

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            Thank you Joe for your help.


            With SCS, the password changed is pushed via the network to all provisioned workstations, please verify this.


            The console we will use will be the SCCM/Config Mgr 2007.  This should also be able to do what SCS can do, correct (as far as provisioning is concerned)?  This makes having both redundant, correct? 


            The Config Mgr leads me to another question.  Once we have all the SCCM Config Mgr-AMT requirements in place.  Will Config Mgr be able to provision workstations with the AMT default factory settings (disabled) or do we need to do enable AMT first before SCCM/Config Mgr can do anything with these new workstations?


            Thanks again everyone for your help.

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              Joseph Oster



              Yes, SCS can push a new provisioning profile to all computers listed in its job assignment list.


              SCCM can perform this task as well, but has limited provisioning capabilities when compared to SCS. You may want to use SCS for provisioning and SCCM for management.


              The only requirement for SCCM to provision an AMT client is that the ME must be activated. The actual AMT can be disabled or enabled and still be provisioned.

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                Thanks Joe, extremely valuable information.  Please clarify for me.....isn't activating the mebx and provisioning AMT the same thing (please excuse me if I have this wrong).  I want to be able to activate/provision our corporation's 3500 workstations without going to each one and manually activating each.  Is this possible with SCA or Config Mgr 2007?



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                  Joseph Oster

                  AMT is a portion of the ME, they are related, but not the same. System providers can set up units so that the ME is on or off by default. Most systems are shipped with ME on, but not all, just depends on the configuration ordered.


                  However if ME is disabled, then you will need to manually enable it. If it is on, you will have access to AMT and be able to provision the systems accordingly.


                  Its easy to tell if the ME is disabled or not, by going into the MEBx >select "Intel ME Configuration"> select "Y" > select "Intel ME State Control". At this point you will be able to enable/disable the system. Note; if it is disabled, this is all you can really do when you get into the MEBx, enabling will allow access to all the AMT features.

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                    Joe, thanks again for your help and expertise.