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    Windows 8 Drivers?


      Now that Windows 8 has gone RTM and Microsoft has released the final version of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8, we are looking at creating the new WinPE boot disk and begin testing of Windows 8 on many of our model computers.


      This new WinPE boot disk appears to use the Windows 8 as it's underlying OS and will need Windows 8 drivers and obviously testing the Windows 8 OS on our existing model computers in use will require Windows 8 drivers.  I realize that some support will be built into Windows 8 for many devices, but we try to use the Intel drivers when possible, instead of the drivers that come built into the OS.


      Does Intel plan to be releasing Windows 8 drivers for their devices such as the IntelRST, NIC's, and the USB 3.0 eXtensible Controller?  And if so, will that be occuring soon?


      Thank you.

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          Windows 8 drives will start going public on September 4th, I think.  After the final release from Microsoft, the RTM drivers have to go into validation.  That takes anywhere from two weeks, to a couple of months, depending.

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            It seems that the Intel download page has been extended. There are now filters to select Windows 8 drivers and updates.

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              Mike Myers

              Hello; my name is Mike *****, and I obviously have an account here, or I wouldn't be able to be typing this.


              I have a question about Windows 8 Drivers, and I can't find anyplace here where I can post a new question.  I did read about the moderation, but surely there must be a way to post something new?  ....or, I can post it here as a reply to this post, but that would be "hijacking" someone else's thread....


              Thanks in advance..