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    Intel D525MW Hangs on BIOS Splash USB/Biometrics

    Brian Coyne

      I work in a hospital IT department and we are having issues with our desktops that use the Intel D525MW Boards. What is happening is that periodically on boot the system will just hang on the BIOS splash screen and will sit there until the system is hard booted with no USB devices. The USB devices that seem to be the problem are a fingerprint scanner or a bar code scanner. We have updated the BIOS to the newest (126) that is out on Intels Website, we have tried disabling legacy USB support,boot to USB ect. was hoping some one might have an idea as to what is causing this, my research seems to point towards a common issue with this board.


      Right now our work around is unplug the USB devices boot the system and then plug the devices in once the OS boot


      We are using Windows XP

      Tangent Rugged Mini VA Desktops

      Intel Atom D525 CPU

      BIOS Update [MWPNT10N.86A]




      any help is very appreciate ,hang,sp

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          Hello Brian,

          I understand that you are having problems booting the Intel(R) Desktop Boards D525MW when having connected a USB fingerprint scanner or a barcode scanner.


          Make sure that you have the hard drive as the first boot device and besides the USB ports, disable any other bootable device that is not required.

          I recommend you to contact the manufacturer of the USB devices and check if they have some firmware update for them to check if they are recognized properly during POST, if not then I recommend you to contact the technical support directly to escalate the issue and try to find a solution for you.