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    sandy bridge and memory


      I5 2500k supports up to 1333 of ram speed.I use a ram with 1600 speed with a mainboard that supports up to 1600 of ram speed but my ram speed is set on 1333.And now the question is if i change the ram speed to 1600 will I5 2500k(not overclocked) support that speed?Or should I overclock the cpu so that could support 1600?And If I5 2500k(not overclocked) support 1600 why do Intel just mention 1066&1333 in Memory Specifications? Please Answer my All 3 questions.

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          This processor supports up to 1333 MHz memory, and the memory most be set to 1.5 volts, over-clocking the memory of the processor will force the processor to run out of specifications, voiding the processor warranty.

          So even if the motherboard supports 1600 MHz, the processor supports only up to 1333 MHz RAM.