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    trim on raid 0 with x79?


      Various tech sites such as Anandtech have an article up about the fact that with the newest RST software that Raid 0 and trim is supported.


      Is this available for X79? The X79 of course uses RSTe which has a different version number to the normal RST and the articles do not mention anything about X79 at all

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          Looks like those who shelled out the major cash and purchased the new "enthusiast" platform are getting screwed out of a needed feature. I dropped a ton of cash on my lga 2011 board, 3930k processor and all the other goodies needed only to see people who spent $100's less on their processors get an enthusiast option on their chip sets. Good one Intel! Here some news, a lot of us who purchased these processors and chip sets want to run their ssd's in raid 0 and get trim support. How about you guys step up to the plate and support those who've supported you and helped to provide those huge profits that you've enjoyed.

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            it looks like it's not just drivers, it's the orom as well for the the 7 series chipsets. unless intel allow a magic (like the 7 series ones) orom for the 6 series, or someone hacks one, we are sol.

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              Slow down people, we do not know that TRIM in RAID 0 will not be coming to RSTe.


              Consider the big picture. TRIM for RAID 0 volumes on PCs is significant to how many people? It will affect Intel's bottom line in what way?


              Not many, and not at all.


              In the Enterprise environment, where RAID is actually used for a reason that is important, and providing TRIM to SSDs in that realm will really benefit the customer and Intel, will it happen?


              Seems obvious to me.

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                x79 is their enthusiast platform. Every enthusiast that I know has an ssd or two, like myself. Raid 0 trim is pretty important to me. Why would they enable a performance/enthusiast feature on their mainstream chipset before they do it for their enthusiast chipset? It's a slap in the face for those of us that laid out the cash to be on x79. I passed up ivory bridge, and in the process spent several hundred dollars more, for sandy bride e. Do a search on the net, this is a big deal to a lot of people.

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                  My point is, in the entire universe of PC users, how many use RAID, or even know what that is?


                  Next, as has been pointed out many times, the enthusiast community is small relative to the number of non-enthusiast PC users.


                  In the PC world, X79 is the only chipset using RSTe, and is the first PC platform using RSTe.


                  IMO, given Intel's usual and smart conservative style, will result in this feature being added to RSTe only after it has been thoroughly verified. Hopefully there isn't a chipset restriction that stop this from happening. Simply because it is not supported now does not mean it never will. That's what I was saying in my previous post, it does make more sense to provide this feature to enterprise users, but will likely take longer. It's a smaller start to provide this in PCs, a bigger and more significant move to the enterprise.

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                    Parsec is correct, we don't know yet if it does or doesn't, they were quite vague by only stating 7 series, not actual model numbers!


                    It would be nice to have an answer shortly, the whole reason I'm interested is I've been putting off buying a new SSD until Win8 is released, now that I have the RTM I want to install it on a new SSD! Installing Win8 on my Vertex 2 or X25-M seems a bit silly!


                    A pair of Intel 520 128gb's would be awesome

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                      well what do ya know:

                      "Current RSTe drivers specific to X79 do NOT support TRIM on RAID 0, but an updated RST driver version coming soon will add support for X79 based systems, including the TRIM on RAID 0 feature.  Note that on client 7-series chipsets (non X79), RST driver version 11.0 and beyond supports TRIM on RAID 0.  -Intel"

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                        Oh ye of little faith...

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                          i know...i love my x79 system, and i've been an avid ssd raid0 user for the last 3 years. oh the angst! 

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                            This is so frustrating now !

                            im too on the x79 platform with my sammy 830s in raid. When / if / how / will we be getting raid trim support for this platform.Only he in the highest place knows !

                            We pay the biggest bucks for our systems and have to take a back seat ! I am now seeing performance issues in raid. I have now broke it twice to reset my SSDs to pull back the speed.

                            We maybe not the biggest users of everyday systems , but we sure are some of the biggest contributors in performance rigs in terms of general input to the OEMs.



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                              At least they have said it is coming soon although soon in Intel time might not be how you might define "soon". Look on the bright side, if there are any bugs in the RST RAID0 trim implementation they can hopefully be addressed in the RSTe support when it comes.

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                                Good news everyone (with older chipsets)! Though, the article here is older but trusted site ---> http://vr-zone.com/articles/intel-rapid-storage-technology-roadmap-windows-8-ssd-raid-trim-and-many-more/14638.html . In my understanding of the article think, TRIM RAID will work on older chipsets like 6-series chipsets (Z68, X79) if we got the RAID OROM v11.6. October 26, 2012 is the general availability of Windows 8, so we (older chipsets) still have a month to wait for it. That's only my opinion

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                                  Well I think we are finally getting there then! I'd still like to leave this open until the first person gets X79 and trim working in Raid 0 though.


                                  The post by VR-Zone is very welcome and also interesting, will the raid bios (option rom) require an upgrade to allow this feature? If so I suspect a lot of older 3,4,5 series owners will still be left in the dark as the board manufacturers won't bother to update the bios. This line makes is sound like they may have to:


                                  "For example, all chipsets are being updated to support "UEFI pre-OS Solution",  one of primary requirements for Windows 8"


                                  I'm still holding my breath, if my Asus P9X79 Pro doesn't get updated I'm going to be very angry!

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