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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 causing high DPC Latency


      Please Help!


      Every so often my sound will stutter and sort of pause for a second along with the video(if I'm watching something on you-tube for example). I downloaded DPC Latency checker to see what my latency is and turns out its rather high, peaking at 226763. I began to disable and enable drivers to see if it made a difference. I narrowed it down to being mostly the Intel 4000 Graphics driver's fault. When i disable it and use windows basic VGA, my latency goes down to green and only jumps to red once in a while and only for maybe a bar or two then back to greens(if you have DPC Latency Checker you'll understand). So there's probably another driver causing some minor latency issues, but the major culprit is definitely the Intel graphics chip.


      I'm currently in the process of downloading the latest driver for the Card and seeing if that make's a difference(doubtful). This is very frustrating as I just bought my laptop(HP Pavilion m7)on Monday and transferred all my data onto it from my old rig. I really hope Intel has an answer to this in some sort of driver update or what not.


      [Edit]: After using the Intel Driver Update Utility Tool AND the HP Automatic Update Finder. I installed the only driver update they both found which was the one for Intel 4000 Graphics driver and it hasn't made a difference in my latency. Sadly the issue with the sound continues. Again, this is so very annoying. Any help is and would be much appreciated.