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    BIOS Intel DX58SO

    Mario Loewenhaupt



      I have a problem with one Intel DX58SO board. My client had the idea in updating some driver for this motherboard and downloaded with the drivers the Bios upgrade software. As the computer rebootet to finalize the bios update, my client paniced and pressed the reset button.


      Since them the board is dead. No video. When powered on, fans, CD and Disk spin up, but no video.


      I tried the BIOS recovery with the USB thumb and CD but no luck there. Same result.


      As I have an EEPROM reader, i took the bios out the board and read it.. It was totaly blank. Since on the Intel site there is no .BIN or .ROM file in a compatibily size (Bios is 16Mbit) I cant flash it directly. The only bios file I can find is the .BIO file, and it's to big and has to much info inside.


      Has anyone any sugestion or can someone send me a Bios Backup file for theis board?


      P.S. I've tried a procedure where the board is powered on holding the powerbutton down... also no luck.


      Best Regards!