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    I7 3770K computer crashes when gaming


      Hi guys

      I have noticed a problem with my I7 3770K processor. Since the time when I built it (I'm on HD4000 graphics) I have noticed that whenever I play games like call of duty modern warfare 3 and even chess titans (which i don't think is graphically intensive). The screen will randomly turn into vertical lines of color (usually red and green are the main colors) with little flashing rectangles. The speakers will also make a loud noise. Then I have to press the power button to force my computer to shut down and restart it. It says that windows did not shut down successfully but doesn't give me why. This however, hasn't happened when I'm surfing the web or even running a prime95. I have the lastest BIOS and drivers (for HD4000) and I wonder if my processor is defective or is it something else? Also I tried to run 3Dmark11 and it did the same thing. Please help!