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    Nehalem Readiness Workshop


      I just got back from Taipei where Intel held its latest interoperability testing event prior to the launch of the Nehalem server platform.  After a few exhausting days of testing with server vendors and IHVs, I was struck by two things; one was the stunning array of new technologies featured on this platform, and the second was the depth of investment that the entire industry ecosystem has made in working with us to make this platform come to life. For those of you, who may not have been able to attend this kind of technology workshop, imagine an event where the industry brings products together to test both functionality and interoperability for the critical platform ingredients. This involves the testing of systems and adapter cards for readiness with new technologies like Virtualization, PCI Express 2.0 and Energy Star, as well as performing benchmarks like SPECPower.  At these types of events, we also run the system BIOS through its paces and ensure that all CPU and chipset settings are in accordance with Intel's recommendations. For new technologies an interoperability events success hinges on years of joint work from the specification phase, to design guide creation, to test development and finally implementation. These investments have helped us create platforms that datacenter managers can rely on from day one. And while we can't talk about specific results from our testing events, I'll just say that I'm excited by the breadth of cutting edge products that will soon be available.