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    about the i7 2670QM processor temperature



      I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y570, and I only had it for 2 months or so.

      I do not know why, but few weeks ago when I play nba 2k12, it was running on 70's C and spikes to 80's C for few seconds (turbo boost disabled)

      now, it was running it on 80's C and spike to 90's C even I disabled the turbo boost of the processor.(when I play A.V.A when I turn the turbo boost on, it spikes to 90C). GPU max was 80..

      I'm assuming the thermal compound is bad or need to be reapply... I know the TJ max for this processor is 100C. I reached it once when I play the COD black ops.


      basically the processor's temperature is running between 80-100C when I play game, Some said 80's is acceptable, 90s is somewhere I need to worry about..

      I was wondering is this okay? will it shorten the life of the processor and laptop?


      I have v2.10 BIOS

      The temperatures are cooled down to normal idle temperature after few minutes when I am done with the game.(38-45C)


      thanks in advance.

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          Are you using your laptop on a solid surface while you are gaming? It's very easy to block the air intake for the CPU if not, which will cause reduced cooling and higher CPU temps. Using it on a bed or couch or your lap will block the air intake and cause higher CPU temps. You might consider getting one of the laptop cooler stands that are available.


          Dust build up can happen quickly, depending upon where a laptop is used. Use a can of that PC duster stuff, and carefully blow out any dust in the air intake, exhaust, and by the fan if you can. You would likely need to send that PC back to change the thermal compound.


          Your CPU will throttle itself down, and even shut itself off if it overheats. Intel understands the environment a mobile CPU is used in, but it is up to the manufacture to use adequate cooling.

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            I am using it on the cooling pad, Cooler Master Notepal U3. somehow, i don't like to use my laptop on my lap.


            Idk why, I have never experienced the laptop throttle itself(drastic fps drop), neither the unexpected shut down yet on this laptop.


            idle temp seems okay for me(38-45C with disabled turbo), but only when gaming it goes up.(I haven't played 2k12 for a while)


            I'll buy compressed air can and blow it from the bottom and the left side where the hot air is coming out.when I have time. or I'll send it to the manufacturer for reapplying the thermal compound.


            thanks for the reply


            p.s I disabled the turbo boost because no real performance difference when it's on and off.. at least for the games that I am playing.


            Edit: I actually moved my laptop to the side so there is no space on the left side of the laptop because there was some extra space (Notepal U3 is bigger than my laptop, there's some extra space on the both sides and front of the laptop), then I played the NBA 2k12, I was surprise to see that temperature never went over 80C, and GPU didn't go over 70. I think the extra space on the left side of laptop and cooling pad was blocking the air flow..

            temperatures : max temperature - core #0 73C, core #1 80C, core #2 79 C, Core #3 78 C

            anyway... I need to readjust my fans' position on the cooling pad so it blows the air into my laptop's air vents;