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    HD4000 support DXVA (WinXP) ?


      Sorry my bad english.



      Gigabyte H77M-D3H, I7 3770K, Win7SP1(DirectX11)

      DXVA is available, check and work ok

      Check:  DXVA Checker 2.9.1  Download DXVA Checker 2.9.1 - Tool to check to if your video card supports DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) - CodecPack.co

      K-Lite Codec Pack:  Download K-Lite Codec Pack



      Gigabyte H77M-D3H, I7 3770K, WinXPSP3 (DirectX9)

      DXVA is not available.



      HD4000 support DXVA on WinXP ?