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    Intel My Wifi Technology : Adapter not found.

    Sean Almedina

      Intel (R) My Wifi Technology : Adapter not found.


      So I got this error lately (like 3 hours ago).I saw this thing on my notifications. And I think that the only thing I could do is Run the Intel Driver Update Utility from the Intel Site. After running it, it says that there's a new driver available for my system in the Wireless Networking Group. The new update name was :

      Product Name : Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility

      Product Version :

      and my previous product before the update was :

      Product Name : Intel(R) PROSet Wireless WiFi Software (Intel (R) PROSet Wireless Framework)

      Product Version : 14.00.0000


      |> Source : System Restore.


      After I installed the update the previous Product was gone and replaced by the update. The update didn't updated my previous program, it replaced it.


      Here's my Question : Is it normal ?

      Because after I installed the update, the notification in my taskbar is gone and when I try to restore that notification, Windows says "This icon is currently not active, It will be shown once it becomes active".

      I don't know if its normal and it keeps bugging my mind. So I want to know.


      Things included in the update:

      |> Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth(R) + High Speed 15. 1.1.0170


      So, what do you think I should do?


      Remarks : Sorry for my really bad bad bad english. I HOPE you know what I'm talking about.


      Other Things you might need :

      Operating System : Windows 7 Starter

      Laptop Manufacturer\Brand\Model : Acer Aspire One D257