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    DQ77KB:  switching on trouble




      I observe some strange behavior switching on my new system based on a DQ77KB mainboard:



      i3 2120

      1x Samsung - 4GB - DDR3 - 1333

      WD scorpio 320GB

      DVI monitor connected with hdmi-dvi adapter

      Power supply for the mainboard is switched on just before pressing the power on button



      If I press the power on button (connection between pin 6&8 of Power Switch Header) just as long as to start up the system (<1s) everything is fine and windows is booting. But If I press the power on button for approx. 1s - 3s the mainboard starts (fan is running) but does not boot up correctly. There is no monitor signal - not even the bios boot screen and the installed windows is not booting. After approx. 1,5min the system switches off automatically. If I press the power on button for approx. 4s the system switches off as expected. This behavior is independent of attached monitors, USB devices and bois versions (bios 0038 and 0042 tested)and fully reproducible at my place.


      Many thanks in advance for any hints.


      Regards, Matthias ****