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    Intel Advanced-N 6235, bluetooth stopped working


      I recently got a new laptop which included the Advance-N 6235 card for wireless and bluetooth. I bought a bluetooth mouse (Logitech M555b) to go with it.


      Before now, the mouse would connect fine but then when I turned the computer off and then turned it on again hours later, the computer wasn't be able to connet (I did check that the bluetooth light was still on). Sometimes, I'd have to uninstall and re-install the mouse drivers to get it to work.


      Now the bluetooth mouse is just not working at all. Sometimes it shows up on the normal device manager but the mouse still doesn't do anything. When I go to 'add devices' the round cursor wheel shows up  but nothing gets detected.


      I have tried re-installing thee drivers, I tried doing it automatically and also using the drivers found on Intel's site but to no avail.


      I am pretty sure it is the wifi card because it can't find my iPhone either.


      Any help would be much appreciated,