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    ISSUE - Distorted sound on startup and distorted sound in OS



      I use in my PC dz77ga-70k MB and after instal of OS (UBUNTU 12.04) was sound working without problem.

      One month after i added TV card Leadtek DTV1000S , sound was still working  without problem.

      When i removed TV card sound started be distorted on startup screen and in OS sound started be distorted too.

      My speakers and headphones are working correctly with other PC.


      Drivers of motherboard sound card is recognized correctly, but sound is distorted (distorted and lowered).

      I had similar problem before in some creative sound card that there happened switch between digital and analog output, but on this motherboard i do not know how i can set up audio to default settings.


      Have you faced with similar problem ?

      Can anyone help me with this problem ?

      Regards Jaroslav