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    Intel Graphics settings aren't remembered...


      I have Intel Graphics Accelerator HD Core i5, on a switchable graphics laptop.


      Whenever I switch to the dedicated graphics card, and back to the Intel card...all of the color corrections settings revert to a default. Is there a way to somehow make the settings to stay the same (basically, make it REMEMBER my settings)? Most of the other settings are remembered (power, display, etc), but the settings in the media tab (brightness, contrast, etc) alway revert to a default.


      Any suggestions?



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          If your computer comes with switchable graphics then the Intel driver is a special driver that was customized by the computer manufacturer.  We do not know the behavior the driver will have under switchable graphics.   I recommend getting in contact with the laptop manufacturer in order to ask them the settings that will be saved by the driver when you switch between graphics controllers.