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    Just got a Intel 520 SSD 120GB


      I have a Intel 120GB SSD, I plan on using it only in my Lenovo Y580 laptop  replacing my HDD. Hopefully it lasts pasts it's warranty with no issues.

      I was going to use the data and migration tool and get it over with. I was wonder for tips and tricks i heard no defragging on a SSD for example. I also didn't know I needed a USB to SATA transfer cable so I have to do it tomorrow:(

      Any tips/tricks please let me know, I don't want to hurt my SSD. I also heard you can't have a full SSD drive, I have 55GB used currently. I rarely exceed 60gb.


      So 120gb is fine with me. Please let me know thanks guys!

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          Ideally, do a fresh install onto the SSD. Windows will recognise the SSD and make (some of) the appropriate optimisations for you. This assumes you have a Retail Copy (and a DVD drive).


          Being a laptop, you probably have an OEM version pre-installed, possibly with a Recovery Partition. In that case, cloning/migration is the only option, and the Intel software should do it all for you. Just secure erase the SSD first, set AHCI mode in BIOS, then let it do the rest. (You may have to re-activate Windows). The main thing to check is that defrag has been disabled on the SSD, you may have to set this manually. There are many other 'tweaks' depending on whether you are aiming for best performance or minimal SSD wear, or a sensible compromise. Personally, I'd disable System Restore and Hibernation***, and possibly Pagefile too if you have 4+TB of RAM. Check this guide for starters:


          The SSD Optimization Guide Redesigned - The SSD Review


          *** Before changing anything (except disabling defrag), I'd run the laptop for a few days and check that it functions normally, ie sleep and hibernate still work. The Sandforce controller in the 520 can be a bit 'touchy' with some laptops, Macs, and my desktop.

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            Got it working thanks allot!