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    Necrovision DX10 Crashes on Intel HD Graphics 4000


      Hallo Intel Teams,

      I want to report, Necrovision v1.2 DX10 crashes on my i7-3770 HD 4000 GFX.

      Sometimes i can play 3 to 5 minutes... somtimes it crash by loading the Map.

      Windows Log, show, (Error in Moduls: igd10umd32.dll, Version:

      I testetd only with the driver version 2792. I dont want install previews driver, becuse Driver v2792 is the best for my HD 4000

      If i Start Necrovision DX9, the game work very nice with no crash.

      I hop Intel can fix it.



      My system,

      Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3

      Intel i7-3770

      2x8GB 1600MHz

      SB Recon3D

      2x500GB HDD Intel Raid0 + 60GB SSD on Intel IRST Accelerate

      Windows 7 Ultimate x64