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    NM10 gets 2Gbps performance in PCIe ?


      In the Datasheet, NM10 has PCIe 1x4 or 4x1 to comply with PCIe 1.0a.

      Is it possible to really implement 2Gbps throughput on 1 lane of PCIe ?

      My concern is that it's operating on an internal PCI bus to communicate a CPU and I/O controllers such as Lan controller, USB and PCIe, thru DMI.

      All the controllers are defined as devices on the same PCI bus.

      I'm not sure what's the correct spec of the internal PCI bus because its datasheet doesn't speak anything more about the point precisely.

      Definitely as described in the sheet, NM10 supports to externally attach 2xPCI controller which fully complies with PCI revision 2.3 with 32bit data width and 33Mhz bus clock.

      That means the PCI bus has just maximum 1Gbps throughput.

      Even though DMI has 10Gbps bandwidth in each direction, I'm worried about an insufficient throughput of PCIe due to the internal PCI bus's bottleneck. This concern may be caused by my misunderstanding on NM10.

      Did any members really measure PCIe performance on a mother board with NM10 ?

      Pls share your experience with me. This is very helpful to me.