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    DH77EB STDBY Led

    Hassan Wahid

      Hello all,


      I just recently built a 3570K on a DH77EB board.


      Everything is functioning fine but the green stdby led next to the main power socket on the board seem to be flashing even when the computer is turned on and working normally. Is this normal for the board or is this something I need to look into?


      The reason I ask is because I want to claim this in the warranty if there is something wrong and not wait for it to cause any major problems.


      Comp Specs


      Processor: Core i5 3570K

      Board: Intel DH77EB

      RAM: Kingston 1600 8 gig (4x2)

      HD: Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002-IBD142

      PSU: Cooler Master 420W

      DVD: Samsung DVDR SH-222


      Thanks in advance.