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    Intel Smart Connect Log: Working or not?


      Intel Smart Connect did not work for me and I used the log file and installed the Intel Rapid Start and remove/reinstall Intel Smart Connect, however I still got the following log, although now I am able to choose frequency and time window of connect. The BIOS setting was also enabled.


      My question is as follow:

      1. Does the following log indicate a functional issue? or just some Intel's internal business handling?

      2. How do I know if ISC is working at all?


      Any help is appreciated, not much search results on Google regards to these new Intel chipset features.


      Log set to file on 12.08.2012, at 17:23:52:418

      Executable: C:\Program Files\Intel\Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology Agent\iSCTAgent.exe

      Compile time : Jun 29 2012 15:06:15

      ProcessID: 0xba4

      iSCT Build Version #

      Log File Size: 5MB


      17:23:52:428,[t:0xBC8] : iSCT error notification has been enabled.


      17:23:53:008,[t:0xBC8] : Thermal driver on startup reports current delta 60, threshold 50 [L=2][M=ISCT]

      17:23:53:108,[t:0xDA0] : OEM default registry path does not exist.


      17:23:56:520,[t:0xDA0] : OEM default registry path does not exist.


      17:23:56:536,[t:0xDA0] : Net Detect:  Entering Initialize


      17:23:56:536,[t:0xDA0] : Net Detect:  Error Loading PROSet Library Error=0x2\n [L=3][M=ISCT]

      17:23:56:536,[t:0xDA0] :  Failed to initialize the NetDetect feature, status = 0x2


      17:23:56:988,[t:0xD98] : User logons to session 1