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    DP43BF networking chip DOA?


      I bought a brand new DP43BF in March 2012, but have not had much time to work with it.  I updated the BIOS to support a wider variety of memory chips.


      I tried to get the LAN chip working under Linux but I did not succeed (pretty common it seems).  So I purchased an OEM copy of Win 7 Professional 64-bit.  Right after installing Windows, I put the motherboard disc in the DVD-RW and installed chipset drivers, LAN chip drivers, Acrobat Reader, etc.


      The Win 7 Networking applet says that "no network interface is available".  The Troubleshooter says that maybe a network cable is unplugged (it is not).  Windows Control Panel --> Device Manager believes the Broadcom 57788 is working just fine (and I know the driver is up to date).  And if I check from another machine, the router does give my new machine a dotted-quad.


      Windows XP Professional 64-bit gives the same results*.  I am using good quality parts with no overclocking (Q9550 processor, 8 Gigs RAM, ATI 6670 passive-cooled video [1 GB, PCI-E x16], and a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 Quad).


      Networking is fine if I use a USB wifi dongle (both in Windows and in 3-4 linux distros so far).  But I would like to use wired ethernet. (Linux can't see PCI slots or PCI wi-fi cards because Intel used a goofy PCI bus enumeration.)


      Is my LAN chip DOA?  If so, what are my options?  It is more than 90 says since I bought it (eBay power seller).


      Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!


      * delete those "extra" copies of windows quickly -- respect software licenses!

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          We recommend updating your motherboard BIOS to the latest version available and using the latest drivers from our website instead of the cd:


          Download Center


          Latest LAN drivers can be found here:


          Download Center


          Ensure you are following a clean installation of the Operating System using the latest drivers from our website and if the issue persists contact our support for motherboard replacement:


          Contact Intel Customer Support

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            Thank you, yes.  It turns out my ISP gave me a gray cable with a blue covering on the last 2-3 inches of each end.  But there were only 4 conductors.  Another message board said this 4-wire cable was used by an old networking standard.


            When I switched to an 8-wire ethernet cable, everything came alive.  The disc that came with the motherboard ("autorun" or "setup" or "EIProcesscaller.exe") locked up Windows 7.  So I downloaded the drivers to a USB stick as you advised, and now I've got a great system! (Fractal Design Arc Midi mid-tower looks great to me!)


            Maybe I'll try Linux later.  Thanks!