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    vf does not functions if guest domain is halted and started , reboot is fine!

    Rajesh Kumar Mallah

      Dear Community ,


      We are using latest version of ixgbe , ixgbevf , libvrt , kvm .

      We have assigned VF to VM via direct pci assignment. When the guest starts

      for the first time we are able to ping to and from guest. This persists across

      VM reboots.  However when we 'halt' the guest vm and start the VM again

      we are not able to ping to and from the VM. This 'problem' is fixed if we

      restart the VM after reloading the ixgbe kernel module in Host and ifupdown'ing

      the interfaces. But this 'fix' is not repeatable. It does not works all the time. However

      If i reboot the host OS it gets 'fix'ed , and this 'fix' is repeatable.

      I have also tried lower version of the various components but to no avail.

      This is my first post and i am  not sure what all info should have been posted.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Rajesh Kumar Mallah.