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    Raid controller message "import foriegn disk after removing cable of failled hdd"


      I have Intel raid controller and 2 days back one disk failed. I have installed ESX server on that storage after failed there was beet continue and we have read docutment and found  disk failed on 0 Sata port id of controller, Then we remove that 0 id cable of harddisk try to boot but it was not given option of booting and automaticaly comes BIOS login, Then we had try remove main cable from controlleImr and refix it proper but same still not booting from controller. 3rd step went to Controller option by pressing ctrg+G and we have seen status of hdd " Import foeign disk" and one more message is failed disk is "Foriegn disk Can't import bad harddisk" and other 3 member disk show import foreiegn disk. So, I want to know is this array destroy and if this can be reconfigure how can i make it proper as working prevously.kindly provide me steps if possible because my system is down right now. My configuration and status as follows.

      1. Raid 10

      2. changes have been done only cable remove try to boot.

      3. Current status of Array display Unconfigured import foriegn disk.

      4. not booting from controllers.

      My email id is: ashwin007b@gmail.com