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    ASUS P9X79 raid 10




      I have an ASUS P9X79 DELUXE motherboard on which I installed a RAID 10 (using 4 x 2TB disks). It was running for a while but suddenly the motherboard failed due to a faulty graphics card.


      After replacing the motherboard with a new one of the same type I boot up using the same SSD as before without problem. But I cannot access my raid. I rebooted the system and enabled RAID in the setup.


      I read the communication under 'Intel Raid 10 Failed - 2 out of 4 drives suddenly became non-members of array' and my question is if it is impossible to get any data back after a boot with the disks in SATA mode ones?


      I have set the raid option correctly but the disks are still reported in the same way, i.e. 2 of 4 as non-members.


      Is there any way get the data back?


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          Hi there!

          The problem was booting up the board for the first time without changing BIOS setting to RAID mode.

          Unfortunately a RAID 10 reported as failed means there are no data and structure. You may try setting disks to Non RAID and see if you can still get some data out of those disks but this is just a remote chance.