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    DH67BL won't boot with Areca arc 1220


      I have a small WHS running for a while now. The server has the following specs.


      Processor Intel  Pentium G620

      Motherboard Intel DH67BL

      Ram Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1333C9

      GPU none.

      Power Nexus Value 430

      Optical none

      Harddisk WD WD10ERZX

      Case Cooler Master  CM 690 II Advanced

      OS Windows Home Server 2011 64bit


      To expand my storage space I purchased a raid controller Areca ARC-1220-X8. I installed the controller on the motherboard but now the server won't boot. I do not even see the bios of the motherboard. It just beeps an then nothing. I updated the bios and alle drivers to most recent versions.


      Anybody an idea what the problem is? Or does the motherboard only support gpu's?