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    Intel SSD hdd password on other machine does not work


      I have a Intel SSD 520 in a laptop which got the screen broken, so I have tried to move it to a temporary machine in the meantime, however, on the other machine the HDD password is asked for but my password not recognized. The original machine was a Asus UL30VT, the temporary machine is an older Acer TravelMate 6592. Both use AHCI and are 64bit. Notice that on the Asus I get options to choose one out of two passwords Master and User. On Acer I only get prompted for User password - I have tried both passwords without luck - both passwords still work on the Asus.


      In the even there is no way to just simply use the password, I already have backup of all the data. I have however not figured out how to reset the password so that I can set a new hdd password on the Acer