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    DQ67SW: Can't activate Intel ME with initial password


      Hi all,


      I already searched for a solution but didn't find till now.

      I've a DQ67SW Bios 0064 and try to activate Intel ME. Bios asks for password, but password "admin" doesn't work.

      Jumper for Bios Maintenance was set and ME password reset was showed as successful.


      But if I try to activate Intel ME and enter password "admin", it doesn't still work.


      Does anyone has a hint what's happen here?


      Thank you in advance for your support,



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          Hello swrue,

          I understand that you are not able to enter the configuration menu for the Intel® Management Engine.

          I can confirm that the default password is "admin" lower case. If it does not work, you enter maintenance mode in BIOS and delete the Intel® Management Engine password and also select the option to clear all passwords, then you need to save it with F10 and boot the system normally to try again the Intel® Management Engine configuration.