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    HD 4000 and DVI / HDMI adapter cables

    Christian Schormann


      I built a new Z77/3770K PC that needs to support dual monitors. Because this PC also needs to be very silent, I don't want to use a discrete graphics card. To make matters more complicated, I also need to use a KVM because I share the two monitors I have with a different computer.


      I specifically bought a motherboard that supports multiple ports concurrently. Unfortunately, it turns out that I can not make the Display Port work with a DP to DVI cable.


      Upon search in these forums I found a very terse message that DP to DVI adapters are not supported by the graphics controller. Seriously? Does someone have more information on this and perhaps can explain why this is?


      Also, dear Intel, as far as I can tell this rather important limitation, if it indeed exists, really should be advertised a little bit better. Because there was no obvious way for me to know in advance that a standard adapter that seems to work on every other system I have tried it on, will not work with an HD 4000. Why can everybody else apparently make this work but not Intel? What is the technical issue here? I am rather unhappy sitting here now with a system that I potentially cannot make fit. 


      Is there any work-around for this?


      Does the same problem apply to the HDMI port as well? Or could I use an HDMI->DVI adpater instead of the DP->DVI adapter I tried so far?


      The core problem for me is that I need to use a dual monitor KVM, and even if I had extra budget, I don't think there is a KVM with mixed inputs - its either all DVI or all HDMI, but not half HDMI and half DVI. So the "use straight cables" suggestion is not particularly helpful.


      Is there any way to get an HD 4000 in a ASUS Z77 motherboard to output to two DVIs, via any adapter that is not ridiculously expensive?